Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Southern 500

Well. It would be, wouldn't it.
Even though they are graciously renaming the spring race at Darlington the Southern 500 (Mother's day- that other sin. Though my mom wants me to take her...) it just isn't the same when the Southern 500 doesn't run on Labor Day Weekend.
They got something else though....
Bless the heart and soul of Chris Browning, President of Darlington since 2004 who is responsible for getting the living legends of NASCAR back on one hell of a heritage track.
The Darlington Historic Racing Festival looks to be one heck of a weekend out at the track. They've got some really exciting events lined up, and some just awesome drivers out there to meet. The cars are broken down into five classes: stock, indy, mods, sprints, and midgets. Plus
you should see the list of names that they have coming down to race. (Its a big list! And way cool.)

I wish like heck that traveling on Labor Day wasn't so expensive. I should blow some of the money I have saved up for research and just go.
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